Darby’s experience as a psychologist, teacher, and equestrian allows her to offer an array of tools and strategies to help clients succeed and truly enjoy their sport. Starting with a complimentary initial consultation on the phone, Darby designs individualized programs for each client.

Working together, Darby helps clients discover and surmount the root causes of nerves, address issues outside the arena that impact performance, and learn to effectively navigate relationships with clients, trainers and coaches.

Darby’s clients include adult amateurs, juniors, and world-class professional riders, as well as non-equestrian athletes and parents wanting to best support their child athlete.


Amateur & Junior Riders

Have you devoted extraordinary time and effort but still don’t feel like you are mastering it? Are nerves getting in your way of riding your best and enjoying yourself in the saddle?


Professional Riders

You ride and teach for a living, but it feels impossible to find that time to up your game. You are full of performance strategies for others, but underwhelmed when it comes to yourself.



Are you up at night trying to figure out how to work with a client who is perfectionistic or lacking in confidence? Are you wondering how to navigate a complicated client relationship?



Do you worry if you’re doing right by your child athlete? Have you devoted a lot of resources—time, money, personal energy—and are unsure if you’ve made the right decisions?


Non-Equestrian Athletes

Feel like you're not playing your best game? Are there obstacles interfering with your performance? From beginner to expert, performance issues impact athletes across all sports.


Women’s Mental Health

Whether you want help managing perfectionistic, self-limiting thoughts or a partner to help navigate your next step, let me help.