Piedmont, CA

Darby has been an absolute godsend to our family. Her warmth, psychological insight, and encyclopedic knowledge of the equestrian world came together at a critical time for our family.  

Whether in the form of factual knowledge—What is IEA? What are judges looking for?
or more emotionally charged and difficult decisions—Is this coach right for my child? 
How do I respond to my child’s recent dip in confidence?

Darby has just the right combination of practical wisdom and emotional support. Darby’s experience as a rider, a mom, and a psychologist make her a unique and invaluable resource!  

Julie Larson

Director, Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Petaluma, CA

Darby is such a pleasure to work with. She listens carefully and offers thoughtful, productive, well-formed ideas and suggestions. She does not get swayed by outside influences. She considers all input equally and gives unique insight toward solving problems. Darby is my go-to when I need advice.


San Francisco, CA

Darby’s most obvious credentials and experience are certainly impressive, both as a psychoanalyst and as an equestrian.  Once you meet her, however, they pale beside her wisdom and kindness as an expert guide for rider and parent alike.   Not everyone can whisper to horses and teenage girls!  From how to arrange a stock tie to when it’s time to change horses, Darby is the go-to expert who is also a friend. It's never too early to get on the right track!


Tiburon, CA

Darby has been a part of the equestrian world for much of her life. As such, the depth and breadth of her knowledge about horses, riders, barns, trainers, etc., help families make informed decisions about every aspect of their own equestrian life.  

It is not only Darby’s experience, passion for the sport, and keen eye, which served to make her invaluable to our family, but her sincere love and understanding of our young rider, and above all, her integrity.  In short, we cannot imagine making any major decision about our family’s passion for horses and riding without consulting Darby.   


Piedmont, CA

Before working with Darby, we knew that our daughter had the ability to be a strong rider but were unsure how best to navigate the different phases of this sport. Darby has first-hand knowledge of equestrian training, competition and horse lease/owning process. She provides us with frameworks filled with positive perspectives that make us think differently about our training & competitions. Her approach has helped us internalize the true joys of riding while achieving our riding goals.

We are grateful for the unique & compassionate coaching partnership that we have with Darby.


Novato, CA

Darby has offered me countless moments of insight, support, and quiet confidence. The way her thoughts and suggestions are framed reflects her genuine desire to help me flourish as a horsewoman, as a rider, and as a healthy competitor. She is the perfect role model for our sport and the people who choose to make horses a part of their lives.

Donna Cahill

Former Executive Director, Holy Family Day Home, San Francisco, CA

I didn’t realize how much needless stress I was carrying until I worked with Darby. Our resulting monthly consultation meetings made all the difference in terms of my overall perspective and success in my job as the Executive Director of a non-profit program.  Were it not for Darby’s vigilant support and expertise, I either would not have been aware of the need for change, or at least my life would have included much more angst, stress and uncertainty.   I’m forever grateful for Darby’s gentle discernment and partnership during one of the most significant transitions in my career and life. 

Darby has been so helpful to me as a rider, an owner and a parent. Managing multiple horses and multiple children riding is challenging and sometimes we all need a little assistance, or stated another way "a leg up". Darby was able to help me keep the joy in my riding while I transitioned from being just a rider with her own horse to a rider and a parent of multiple riders and owner of multiple horses. I'm deeply thankful that I've been able to work with her.

A Very Grateful Client