Interview in The Competitive Equestrian - Reclaim Joy for Success

I'm excited to share my interview for The Competitive Equestrian Magazine. The online and in-print magazine provides news and updates from all of the major shows and happenings for competitive riders and equestrian enthusiasts. Check out the full interview on page 56, 57

Dr. Darby Bonomi takes a fresh look at achievement in equestrian sport – shifting the focus from rider performance to riding enjoyment. Her philosophy: reclaim the joy in your ride, get connected and the success happens – however you define it for you that day.

Darby also looks beyond the rider and helps families unravel their toughest challenges — from how to choose a training program to how to communicate with their rider on show days. Her Leg Up practice is built on her vision of long-term health and happiness of riders, horses, and their support systems. She has the wisdom of 25 years as a practicing psychologist and a life-long participation in the equestrian world as a rider, parent and owner. 

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