Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I love this holiday because it gives us the space and time to really honor our gratitude for things large and small.  For me, 2018 was a big year; I’d like to share some of what I am thankful for with you.  I would be grateful if you share your list with me as well.   

First of all, I’m grateful for gratitude!  Gratitude settles the soul and brings contentment in present time. When I’m in a grouchy or feeling upset, refocusing on gratitude just brings me right back into a state of grace.  

I’m grateful for all the people in my life who hold my hand, support my dreams and make my heart dance.  

I’m grateful for those people in my life who allow me to hold their hand, lift them up or help them in some way along their journey.

I’m grateful for all the animals in my life who are so dependably loving, even when I’m distracted or let them down.

Clara Hugging Tucker.jpg

I’m grateful for my health.

I’m grateful for nature, especially the ocean, for helping me cleanse my whole being and lift my heart. 

I’m grateful for humor, especially for those little things in life that usually go unnoticed but that really make me laugh.

I’m grateful for small precious moments every day that make life special.

Wishing you and your family the very best on this Thanksgiving!