This site would not be as appealing without the contributions of some generous, talented photographers and their subjects. A huge thank you to my daughter Clara (pictured above) who took many of the photos featured here and allowed me to use several photos of her with her wonderful pony Tucker!  She is also shown on her sister Adele's horse Amazing and her own Cobalt Blue R.  In addition, I have to thank Katy Boyd for the beautiful shots of Clara hugging Tucker--those were moments I would never have seen if Katy hadn't been there to capture them.  Other photos here were taken by GrandPix Photography, Maria Morgan and last but not least, my husband Tom.  I also need to thank my daughter Adele for letting me showcase her rides on her jumper Charley VDL and her hunter Amazing.  Shabnam Bezhampour has also been generous with photos of her lovely horses. 

Website Design 

This entire site is a testament to the tremendous creative talents of Katie Monkhouse, who took my musings and diffuse idea of 'modern' and put them all into an integrated piece that is easy to navigate.  Although she now identifies primarily as an interior designer, Katie's eye for beauty and clean lines is evident on every page.  It must also be mentioned that she has tremendous patience with this techno-dinosaur of a client.  She has sat quietly by as I learn the abc's of website editing, social media and mail chimp.  None of this comes as second nature to yours truly.  I hope I can muster up half her patience when she comes to me for her first riding lesson and I try to explain the basics in excruciating detail while still smiling.  She should be next in line for sainthood.  


So I had an idea.  It was one that I had been sitting on for a long time, but I felt a wee bit sheepish. I'd talked to a few people, but really needed someone to help me bring the idea to life. Who did I go to first but Katherine Kennedy, Story/Executive/Writing Coach extraordinaire.  Katherine is a woman with strong passions, tremendous personal strength and professional skill--and the best laugh in the world. "You got this, girl."  She was the one who heard my stories, believed in the idea and in me, and saw the forest when I could only see trees.  She helped me integrate my wide ranging skills, interests and passions and roll it all into one.  And she believed.  Katherine nudged me along, gently but persistently, and didn't give up no matter how tentative I was.  She kept the candle burning for me during some dark and uncertain times.  I'm grateful to Katherine for her 'story coaching' but for much more than that--for her love and friendship. 

As mentioned above, I’m a tech and social media dinosaur.  I can post on Facebook—usually—but sometimes even that requires the help of a small child.  Alas, the world of social media, marketing and sales are all foreign turf.  My years as a traditional psychotherapist shaped me into a private, well educated and demure professional.  Well, we all know that the world is a different place now; I recognized I needed some big time help getting myself known.  Enter Ashley Matchett Woods and her team at Branded by EQ.  Ashley, whom I consider a friend, is a dynamo.  She has enthusiastically taken up the job of branding—refining my voice and my message—and is holding my hand as I tell my story and toot my horn.  Huge thanks to Ashley and Peaches Dubé, for taking me on.  I am deeply grateful for their guidance, expertise and efficiency in all things—and of course especially for the hearty laughs along the way. 


Behind the Scenes

Let's face it.  We all need a village to stand with us, and I'm deeply grateful to the huge cast of characters who have contributed to this site and to my development in general. 

To my incredible buddies, from the fabulous barn gals to the tuna fish gang--I am forever indebted to you for your enthusiasm, editing and humor--and most of all friendship. You gals lift me up. 

To my trainers--from my teenage years to the present time--you have taught me so much, about horses, horsemanship and life in general.  To Linda Hough in particular--I still carry your sage advice with me to the show ring:  "Just go ride your horse." 

To my non horsey friends--I apologize and thank you for standing by.  It's an all consuming passion, and I appreciate your graciousness especially when you don't understand. 

To those who have helped me see my path--Vivian, Michael, Randi--thank you for helping me bring my fullest shiniest self to every moment. 

And most of all to my family, especially my husband Tom--thank you for lifting up my dreams and making them real every day.  To you, there are not words enough to fully describe my gratitude.